For the Way We Live

It’s time for a house that is just right. A quality built energy efficient house, beautifully detailed and clustered in a garden setting on Granville village farmstead, an intimacy of space, trees, and water. Village Roots looks to a future where people seek closeness with neighbors and nature, but with an eye towards a reality that demands conservation and sustainability.

Every detail of the design comes together to create the traditional neighborhood experience that so many of us have long desired to regain. It’s a project where every home will have a classic charm, inside and out, while still including all the state-of-the-art amenities that our modern lives demand. These designs have an openness and a flow to them that have made the classic bungalow so popular for nearly a century and that always leave people saying, “It just feels right.”

The Not So Big House…

not-so-big-imageArchitect Sarah Susanka envisioned the Not So Big house more than a decade ago where every room is filled with details and designed to accommodate the lifestyles of its occupants – functional space, natural light, integrated storage, rich wood…”unabashedly comfortable,” she says. Susanka is our inspiration for the homes in Village Roots.

The houses in Village Roots will not be defined by the technology of the moment, but will capture all we know about how space makes us feel comfortable and happy in ways that benefit from what we have learned and still seek to learn. After all, as Susanka says, a house is not an expression of science or technology or building trends, but the basic building block of civilized life. It’s about the people who live in it. It should be just right.